What is Dome Habitat?

Self Sustain

Never buy groceries, gas or power again. With Dome Habitat, you can!


We utilize a simple plastic to build a beautiful and durable living environment...

Our Goal

Free Mankind from the Subtle Captivities of mankind in the world, to become more self-sustaining.

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Self Sustaining

Dome Habitat is about building an environment where all the basic needs for Human comfort are provided.  They can be adapted to any environment and style preference. We will cover the major self-sustaining features of a habitat. Natural Gas Production | Green House Living | Power Generation Natural Gas Production Natural gases are all around30

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How It Works

The Dome Habitat project combines many common technologies and enhances them to change the way we live. The Dome Habitat project will change the world forever.  Imagine building a home for less than $10,000 US that has the ability to grow a sustainable crop year round, generate natural gas as as well as providing a30

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